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Le TOTEM presents you its selection of Meats

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To discover on our card
Beef Carpaccio
Marinated in the olive oil and the basil, salt/pepper. (~160g)
Beef brochettes
2 beautiful beef skewers in the flavoured tab.
Poêlon savoyard
Chicken, potatoes, cream, ham Italian, mushrooms, raclette cheese.
American net
Raw ground beef, parsley, shallots, mayonnaise, mustard, capers, sauce worcestershire, egg yolk.
Mi-cuit Eldorado - NEW -
Ground beef, parsley, shallots, mustard... (Pan on one side)
Rib's barbecue sauce
Marinated spare rib, barbecue sauce.
Piece of Beef
2 good tender beef steaks.
Steak of Bison
low in fat and cholesterol, it is a meat similar to the beef but of brown color with a steady taste.
Steak of Kangaroo
Low in fat and in calories but characterized by its tenderness this red meat will know how to delight you.
Tresse of bœuf
Beef marinated in the chorizo. (merlan)
Rib of Beef
A good coast in the bone of 380g minimum.
Plate Totem - NEW -
1 Steak of Kangaroo, 1 Steak of Bison, 1 Steak of Beef.